FNX6809 Overview

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FNX6809 for F256Jr & F256K[edit | edit source]

FNX6809 CPU Module
FNX6809 FPGA Flash Adapter

The FNX6809 is a DIP40 module that is effectively a Cycle Accurate Motorola MC6809 CPU, working @ 3.3V and capable of running @ 6.29MHz on the F256Jr or the F256K.

The FNX6809 also differs from a real Motorola MC6809 CPU in that it has the 65C02 pin-out.

For these reasons, it is not designed (at least for now) to be a direct replacement for an MC6809.

An Adapter is supplied with the FNX6809 module to be enable reflashing the on-board FPGA, if ever needed.


  • No software is written for the unit to support the processor at this time (but see OS-9). It is meant for them Mavericks that are ready to take it on without any safety nets. There is a version of Calypsi that supports now if anybody wants to use it.
  • Keep in mind that you will need to upload a new load for the FPGA on the F256Jr or F256K to support it, so make sure you equip yourself with a USB Blaster.