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The Foenix F256K and Jr.computers contain 512K of flash ROM which is intended to store software which should be available to the user without any media like SD-cards or IEC drives present. This collection of software can be changed by the user by simply reprogramming the flash ROM. At the moment the following applications are stored in flash as a default

  • The Kernel
  • SuperBASIC
  • pexec, a tool to start executables in various formats
  • wget, a tool to download data from webservers (if you have TCP networking enabled)
  • An online help system for SuperBASIC
  • A file manager
  • A simple command shell

and therefore make up the firmware of the Foenix computers.The current version of the F256K and F256Jr. firmware can be downloaded here.

The link leads to the release page of the Github repo which is used to prepare the firmware packages. This repo is part the FoenixRetro Github organisation which in turn is an attempt to gather forks of all projects which are part of the firmware and other resources relevant for the Foenix F256 new retro computers.