Kernel & SuperBASIC Updates

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Kernel and/or SuperBASIC Update Links[edit | edit source]

Here are the GitHub Links where you will find the latest F256K / F256Jr Micro-Kernel load and/or SuperBASIC:

F256x Micro-Kernel Github Link

F256x SuperBASIC Github Link

Here is a complete package of both latest instances (Scripts & bulk.csv files included)

Complete Package Kernal+SuperBASIC+Apps Link

Links to driver & softwares needed to do an update with the FoenixMgr (Python Script)[edit | edit source]

XR21B1411 USB Driver (For PC/Linux/ The MAC is outdated) [1]

Python [2]

PySerial [3]

Foenix Manager (Collection of Python Scripts to use the USB Debug port) [4]

Kernel and/or SuperBASIC Update Guide[edit | edit source]

Below, is a short video on how to install the software you will need to be able to reflash your Kernel and/or SuperBASIC.

How to Update your F256 Jr. / F256K Short[edit | edit source]