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The primary kernel for the F256 machines is the TinyCore MicroKernel. This is an event based, near real-time kernel for the 65c02 and the 65816 in emulation mode (native mode is NOT support).
Users interested in a more traditional CBM style 'kernal' may further install the OpenFNXKernal in flash along side the MicroKernel (just like any other flashed application). The code in the repo implements the basic drivers, and provides an additional kernel call for SD Card I/O, but doesn't yet include a screen editor or a unified I/O layer. It is, however, enough to run CBM BASIC. The initial code was published for those asking for a community developed replacement for the original OpenKERNAL which no longer runs on the F256 due to extensive FPGA changes. To date, however, no one has actually contributed anything back to the project. @EMWhite has greatly enhanced the code, but has not yet published his work.