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Note that when an hex address is given, it's meant to instruct as to which address to bload or to send (ie foenixmgr python script) the program (ie a .bin file) to before running it.

Many download links are posts in the main Foenix Retro Systems discord server which will require you to join in order to get to them.

A Demo Archive was put together in September 2023 to get ready to show to youtubers, some of these are linked once more, in this page.

There's also the Foenix Marketplace website maintained by EMWhite with its own collection of articles and software

Applications[edit | edit source]

Program Description Author Notes on running Link
F256-GraphicToolkit Sprite editor, Tilemap editor, Font editor + misc tools econtrerasd basic

Demos[edit | edit source]

Program Description Author Notes on running Link
balls Draw a good quantity of multiplexed sprites, fast. Balls bouncing around celton pgz
F256 Mandelbrot Draws Mandelbrot set fast (5 mins) using coprocessor math. Allows to zoom into the set. mgr42 uses basic loader
f256_life An implementation of Conway's game of life mgr42 pgz
F256ShowCase Shows sliding tiling graphics, moves with joystick eriktier $0000
fnxmas23 PSG mod music, scrolling text, sound effects, must see demo! dwsJason and digarok pgz if you have Dec23 FPGA load or newer if you have an older FPGA load

foenixmas23 Xmas 2023 demo with SID music from the classic 1983 C64 xmas demo EMWhite uses basic loader
livingworlds Living Worlds, a port of a color cycling by Mark Ferrari, ported here on the F256 by haydenkale haydenkale $0000
mandel Will draw a mandelbrot set in 3 hours, more useful as a stability test than a useful fractal program Mu0n basic
wormhole Shows a fast wireframe animation of a wormhole haydenkale pgz or bin at $0000

Games[edit | edit source]

Program Description Author Notes on running Link
Bombsweeper Bomb sweeper port beethead pgz
Cosmic Shoot 'em up beethead pgz
F256 two to the power of eleven Port of the puzzle game of 2048 mgr42 pgz
Jr Wördl port of Wordle AgeAgeEye basic
kartdemo Kart racing game SprySloth pgz
Ski-Jr Ski game downhill digarok basic
Lair of the Lich King Rogue like dungeon crawler. Demo has 3 levels; full has 25+ Micah - lkdemo/lk.pgz 1.0 Beta 19 Demo

Game Jam #01 - April 6th/7th 2024[edit | edit source]

Program Description Author Notes on running Link
15puzzle Number sort puzzle mgr42 pgz
frisbee Frisbee throw past sport game dwsJason pgz
Impasse Shoot 'em up digarok pgz
soccur mutliplayer game of soccer beethead pgz executable:

source code:

Trek port of classic Star Trek game contrerasd basic
Typing Star typing reaction game haydenkale pgz
Flight Simulator flying simulator sduensin pgz

Music[edit | edit source]

Program Description Author Notes on running Link
EdInHisLib SID+OPL3 simultaneously beethead, ported from xantax pgz F256 port:

original: Not 100% accurate but close.

jrtracker Tracker based in basic and uses the PSG contrerasd basic
tracker2 Same tracker, but using both PSGs contrerasd basic
modo MOD player using the PSG dwsJason and digarok pgz
piano Plays some PSG notes with the keyboard Mu0n basic
playvgm plays a headless vgm file with OPL3 G33kyAndIKnowIt pgx

some example music files can be gotten from this post:

1) open a normal .vgm into a hex editor and cut out the header bytes from 0x00 to 0xFF

2) run by first using superbasic's bload "yourmusicfile", $01000 followed by running this program with /- playvgm.pgx

Utilities[edit | edit source]

Program Description Author Notes on running Link
wget fetches a file from a http address if you have a network connection active gadget pgz/flash
dcopy A tool to copy files from one drive to another or to/from your PC via RS-232 and a nullmodem cable mgr42 pgz
fonts A variety of fonts using the standard F256 character set arrangement. Load with the F256 file manager (f/manager), or your own code. Micah (not a program)
f/manager A general file utility, launcher, and memory viewing program. Dual-panel file/memory browsers; copy between disks, between folders on same disk, and from memory to disk and vice versa; delete, rename, and duplicate files; view files as hex or text (with word-wrap); launch applications and known file types; set the RTC clock; search in RAM and flash. Works with internal SD card and IEC devices such as FNX1591 and Commodore 1541. Can be installed in primary flash position ahead of SuperBASIC or DOS, or at a higher location. Can also be run from disk with "- fm.pgz". Micah pgZ/flash
flashcart Allows to wipe a block of flash or write a program to a flash cart, from this basic program from the F256Jr/K redfool. basic
basic2text A simple utility for translating Commodore BASIC (all variants) from its native tokenized file format to a text format that can be opened with SuperBASIC. Does not perform any code translation: all adaptation is up to you. Micah pgZ

Sample Code[edit | edit source]

Program Description Author Notes on running Link
cc65 example c example code gadget read github
digarok basic stuff Lots of basic examples digarok read github
Mu0n's F256K basic doodles Some basic examples Mu0n read github
tcp example connects to a server and gets typed in text echoed back to you gadget $2000
Assembly examples Sample programs for several features of the Foenix F256K and Jr. mgr42 read github